1. Slowly Uncover ~ Harlin James  [Listen Here You Tube] Stand Out Trailer
  2. Confident ~ Demi Lovato [Listen Here You Tube] Livewire Trailer
  3. Journey (Ready To Fly) ~ Natasha Blume [Listen Here You Tube] Episode 20 Trailer
  1. Fight Song ~ Rachel Platten [Listen Here You Tube] Pseudo Theme of Supergirl
  2. Wham Bam ~ Clooney [Listen Here You Tube] From Supergirl Extened Trailer
  3. She's a Bad Mama Jama ~ Carl Carlton [Listen Here You Tube] During Costume Montage
  1. Hit Me With Your Best Shot ~ Pat Benatar [Listen Here You Tube] While Supergirl is Saving Fluffy
  1. Sedona ~ Houndmouth [Listen Here You Tube] Sticky Buns
  2. Feeling Good ~ Avicii [Listen Here You Tube] Played While Cat and Max Dance
  3. Cecilia And The Satellite ~ Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness [Listen Here You Tube] Played at the begging of the party
  4. Pull Away ~ Leon Bridges [Listen Here You Tube] Played While Kara and James Dance
  5. Girls Just Want To Have Fun ~ Mister Wives [Listen Here You Tube] End of Episode With Kara and Alex
  1. Time After Time ~ Jessica Mauboy [Listen Here You Tube] James & Lucy Chat in Restaurant
  2. When That Fever Takes a Hold On You ~ The Wind and The Wave [Listen Here You Tube] Lucy & Kara Talk about James
  1. What a Wonderful World ~ Joey Ramone [Listen Here You Tube] Leslie Willis Rant on the Radio
  2. Winning Streak ~ Glen Hansard [Listen Here You Tube] Played in the restaurant with James and Kara
  3. Pull Away ~ Leon Bridges [Listen Here You Tube] Janitor listens to this when helicopter goes down
  4. What a Wonderful World ~ Louis Armstrong [Listen Here You Tube] Played during the Thanksgiving Dinner
  5. Take me to Church ~ Ellie Goulding [Listen Here You Tube] When Alex and Eliza chat one on one
  1. Nightlight ~ Silversun Pickups [Listen Here You Tube] James & Lucy have breakfast at Noonan's
  2. I Like It ~ Team [Listen Here You Tube] Played during game night
  3. Go Your Own Way ~ Lissie [Listen Here You Tube] Cat and Kara discuss Anger at Noonan's
  1. The Emotions ~ BØRNS [Listen Here You Tube] Winn, James, Kara meet with Lucy at Noonan's to put together help for Cat
  1. Crush ~ Quadron [Listen Here You Tube] Alex and Maxwell have dinner and hunt for information from each other.
  2. Heartbeats ~ Daniela Andrade and Dabin [Listen Here You Tube] Kara flies around the city at night after her big moment with Winn.
  1. Something in the Way You Move ~ Ellie Golding [Listen Here You Tube] Kara grabs Cat's breakfast from Noonan's and meets Adam.
  2. Maneater ~ Grace Mitchell [Listen Here You Tube] Cat and Adam's first dinner that ends abruptly.
  3. I of the Storm ~ Of Monsters and Men [Listen Here You Tube] Kara acts as mediator between Adam and Cat in their second dining experience.
  1. Dust ~ Haelos [Listen Here You Tube] Kara and Adam share a kiss while on their park date.
  2. Standard ~ Empress Of [Listen Here You Tube] Kara and Adam have their first date a Noonan's
  1. Let It Go ~ James Bay [Listen Here You Tube] Kara gathers with friends at her apartment after the most traumatic ordeal.
  1. Stressed Out ~ Twenty One Pilots [Listen Here You Tube] Kara wakes up in her apartment at the start of the episode.
  2. No One's Gonna Love You ~ Band of Horses [Listen Here You Tube] Plays on the radio Indigo uses to appear on the rooftop and talk with Non.
  1. Ready for the Good Life ~ Paloma Faith [Listen Here You Tube] Kara enters Catco dressed to the nines and ready to crush Siobhan
  2. Confident ~ Demi Lovato [Listen Here You Tube] Song that plays on the dance floor when Kara and James dance.
  1. Wise Up ~ Aimee Mann [Listen Here You Tube] Kara eats a whole box of donuts while watching the news.
  2. Hello Party Rocker ~ The Remix Cartell [Listen Here You Tube (Graphic on this video is kind of racy, not very family friendly but its all we could find.)] Alex is out partying!
  3. Since U Been Gone ~ Kelly Clarkson [Listen Here You Tube] Flashback to young Alex and Kara on the beach.
  1. Bloodstream ~ Transviolet [Listen Here You Tube] Kara finally kisses James, but ... Myriad!
  1. One Call Away ft. Tyga [Remix] ~ Charlie Puth [Listen Here You Tube] Kara shares a tender moment with her friends and family at her appartment