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Today we have our first look at part one of the series finale of Supergirl. The episode is titled "The Finale Gauntlet" and we will share the photos below. We have a suspicion that the next episode gallery images will be available soon so we will add them here when they are free as well. The first major thing we see is that Lex and Nyxly seem to be meeting Alex and Kelly to do some kind of swap for Esme. Additionally, we see Andrea back in her black suit and working with the team. It would seem William's death was enough to shock her out of inaction and start to play a part and take responsibility for what she's done. Check out the images below:

And here we have the final gallery from Supergirl! A huge six year journey, longer if you include the pilot season! This gallery has it all! 29 images with a sister couch, wedding, Legion and Supergirl! Check them out below:

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#22 RE: Supergirl Series Finale GalleriesCatPat 2021-11-09 07:09
I am very happy that Alex and Kelly get their wedding and Esme... but I really wished it happened earlier in the season as the finale should be Supergirl centric as opposed to Superfriends centric.

As a cord cutter, I won't see the finale until tomorrow, so I will definitely need to avoid fan sites as I don't want spoilers. I am still hoping SG follows the comic book and joins the Legion, but as long as the ending is satisfying to our hero, I will be good.

Thanks for 6 years of fun.
#21 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriescomic fan 2021-11-05 15:41
Jay Snow has watched the series finale of Supergirl and posted his thoughts on twitter.I posted his reaction on the spoiler thread.

For those who want to say out of the spoiler thread,I'll just say,he doesn't give anything major away.Very general impressions.For those who want to stay completely in-spoiled,I'll just say,he liked the finale.
#20 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriescomic fan 2021-11-05 14:47
Quoting superbill:
I just noticed in Picture # 9 of the last group that Mitch is standing behind James and Kelly. Has he betrayed Lex and Nyxly?

Echo that good catch.I didn't notice it until you pointed it out.
#19 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriesmuckle9999 2021-11-05 14:27
Quoting superbill:
I just noticed in Picture # 9 of the last group that Mitch is standing behind James and Kelly. Has he betrayed Lex and Nyxly?

Good catch! And I don't mean baseball. ;-)
#18 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriessuperbill 2021-11-05 12:29
I just noticed in Picture # 9 of the last group that Mitch is standing behind James and Kelly. Has he betrayed Lex and Nyxly?
#17 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriesmuckle9999 2021-11-05 09:40
Seems to me that most of the finale is about the wedding. I hope you guys are right and Melissa and Jeremy have a song to sing. That would put a smile on my face. :-)
#16 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriesmuckle9999 2021-11-05 09:26
Quoting Romulus:
Very nice! Thanks for posting them here. Only one week until the ride concludes (and what a ride it has been!). ;-)

Yes,its been a ride riddled with bumps, pot holes and detours. My arse is sore from the journey and the show has changed me from a social drinker to a boarder line alcoholic. 8)
+1 #15 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriesjacksc01 2021-11-05 05:20
Wow - these pictures are beautiful. The main picture I love so much is the one with Kara and Alex on the sofa. The show began with them and it will now end with them. I will miss this show so much - it is the only television show I watched. I think Melissa, Chyler and David made up the foundation that kept this show going and it was Melissa that made the audience want to come back every week. I was pleased to see all the old characters come back - I really am so thankful that we get to see Eliza again. I wish they had been able to bring back Cat for these last episodes but either way Cat will always be remembered for the part she played. I think the actors and the stunt people provided great entertainment and that this site provided a great sound board for what we were thinking (did not matter if it was negative or positive) we were able to post. I also want to thank Eric and Kelsey for giving us this site which required alot of behind the scene activity. All I can say is that I wish all the SuperGirl crew the best.

Melissa Benoist is a great actress and I know we have not seen the last of her - she is definitely destined to go far.
#14 RE: Supergirl Series Finale Galleriescomic fan 2021-11-04 23:53
Quoting Thalolli:
I don't think that anybody would mind the show ending on a sister moment, but would it really make sense? Shouldn't Alex be off on her honeymoon rather than chilling with her sister? This scene would make more sense if it took place before the wedding.

I've thought about that.And you may be right.But maybe it's right before Alex leaves for her honeymoon.A quick stop off to Kara's apartment to pick up some thing before she meets up with Kelly to go on their honeymoon(Kelly could be leaving Esme off with one of their other family members to watch over her while they're away) leading to a final little sisters moment.I thought about this way too This is why I called it crazy speculation.It probably isn't the end of the episode but would be wild if it was.
#13 RE: Supergirl Series Finale GalleriesThalolli 2021-11-04 20:56
Well they are definitely not in sequence because they mix pictures of the wedding (James walking Kelly down the aisle) with things outside the wedding (Danvers hug in different clothes, Lex and Nyxly) things likely before the wedding James looking at Kelly in the dress inside the apartment, to the wedding again.

I also really hope that sequentially they don't go to the funeral after the wedding (last picture of Kara). I mean, one would think that would kind of ruin the mood.

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