1. Through It All ~ Charlie Puth [Listen here] Plays has everyone starts their goodbyes, Winn to the future and J'onn to be among the people.
  1. Ocean's Away ~ A R I Z O N A [Listen Here] Plays while Kara celebrates with friends and family before she leaves for Argo City.
  2. Day Dreaming ~ Rosa Pullman [Listen Here] Plays while Mon-El and Kara walk through Argo's arboritum. Also played in episode one when Kara dreamt of this moment.
  3. I Know ~ Bayonne [Listen Here] Plays while all the plot lines wrap up the episode at the end of the episode.
  1. Now and Then ~ Natural Child [Listen Here] Alex confronts the sherrif she put behind bars when she was 17 in Midvale.
  1. Verse ~ Rhye [Listen Here] Plays in the beginning of the episode in Lena's hotel penthouse.
  1. Social Echo ~ Sip Sip Bubble [Listen Here] Plays while everyone is having a good time at Kara's appartment.
  2. Gotta Reason ~ Hard Fi [Listen Here] Kara fights in the bar with the Kalorian.
  3. No Angel ~ Birdy [Listen Here] Plays when Lena tells Sam who she really is.
  1. No Songs Featured - However, the cast did sing a lot in the Karaoke bar. Songs were: "Intergalactic Planetary" ~ Kara | "Tears Away" James | "I Drove All Night" ~ Alex | "So Emotional" ~ J'onn | "Suspicious Minds" ~ M'yrnn | "Take On Me" ~ Winn & His Mom | "Carry on My Wayward Son" ~ Mon-El
  1. Stay (I Missed You) ~ Lisa Loeb [Listen Here You Tube] Julia is singing in her house as the DEO breaks in.
  1. Barracuda ~ Heart [Listen Here You Tube] Leslie is taking orders and heads outside for a break.
  1. Living on a Prayer ~ Jon Bon Jovi [Listen Here You Tube] The Legion arrives at the prison to take on Reign.
  2. Same Boat ~ Albin Lee Meldau [Listen Here You Tube] The sisters sit on Alex's couch recapping the insane events of Kara's coma.
  1. Jingle Bell Rock ~ Hall and Oates [Listen Here You Tube] J'onn's favorite Christmas music that he plays several times at Kara's Christmas party for his dad M'yrnn.
  2. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree ~ Brenda Lee [Listen Here You Tube] Kara and Reign blast through an office Christmas party during their BRUTAL fight.
  1. Free Stress Test ~ Professor Murder [Listen Here You Tube] This is the intro song when we see all the heroes in their respective cities.
  2. Justice ~ Misun [Listen Here You Tube] Girls day out getting their nails done with Iris, Kara, Felicity and Caitlin.
  3. All Eyes on You ~ St. Lucia [Listen Here You Tube] Wedding rehearsal dinner at Jitters.
  4. Love is Emotional ~ Neil Finn [Listen Here You Tube] Barry wakes up on his wedding day and races out to avoid seeing the bride, but not before preparing breakfast for Iris.
  5. Running Home to You ~ Melissa Benoist [Not Available] Kara sings Iris down the aisle.
  1. Underflow ~ Emma Louise [Listen Here You Tube] Sam begins her journey to the desert to find out her true nature. To become Reign.
  1. Night So Long ~ Haim [Listen Here You Tube] Played when Kara is driving J'onn's space car out to Midvale.
  2. Fake Do-Gooders ~ The Eames Area [Listen Here You Tube] When the girls are trying to one up each other at school.
  3. You Love Me ~ The Holcombe [Listen Here You Tube] Kenny and Kara share a romantic star gazing moment in the forrest.
  4. The Sweet Escape ~ Gwen Stefani [Listen Here You Tube] Kara and Alex rock out in J'onn's space car on their way home to National City.
  1. Killing Me ~ Luke Sital-Singh [Listen Here You Tube] Played while Maggie is packing her things to move out of Alex's place.
  2. All Through the Night ~ Cyndi Lauper [Listen Here You Tube]Maggie changes the music in the apartment to this song to lighten the mood and have some fun in a very tough time.
  3. On The Line ~ Jashub Plays in the alien bar when Kara finds Alex and tells her they are going home to Midvale
  1. I Love You Like A Brother ~ Alex Lahey [Listen Here You Tube] This is played when Ruby is playing soccer in the beginning of the episode.
  2. Get Your Cape On ~ Jordyn Kane [Listen Here You Tube] During the school play, this was the song all the supergirls were dancing to. Its also DC Superhero Girls Theme Song.
  3. Pure Imagination - Emma Tremblay Sung by Ruby during her part of the School talent show.
  4. Hallelujah ~ Jeff Buckley [Listen Here You Tube] End of episode wrap up.
  1. Let The Good Times Roll ~ Freddie King [Listen Here You Tube] Kara and J'onn travel to Mars in style! Played while J'onn flies them both the his home.
  2. It's All Been Done ~ Barenaked Ladies [Listen Here You Tube] Played during the wedding shower.
  3. Hit Me Baby One More Time ~ Britney Spears [Listen Here You Tube] Kara drives J'onn's car/ship into the White Martian den. Does this mean J'onn has a Britney Spears CD in his car?
  1. California ~ Grimes [Listen Here You Tube] Episode opening where we get to see how Kara wakes up without Mon-El, Maggie and Alex wake up together, and new comer Samantha and daughter Ruby.
  2. Thursday Girl ~ Mitski [Listen Here You Tube] Played during the episode wrap up where Lena acknowledges James on her way out, Kara and Alex share a couch scene, and M'Gann calls out to J'onn to return to Mars!
  1. Day Dreaming ~ Rosa V Pullman [Listen Here You Tube] The season opens without words, the daydream sequence was beautifully done and it was garnished perfectly with this song.
  2. Good for Me ~ Aimee Mann [Listen Here You Tube] Alex asks J'onn to walk her down the aisle as her surrogate father.